Become an activist

PCS is an organising union. This means that everything we do is built on keen, active members, like you, who are willing to help build and promote PCS in every workplace.

Taking the first steps to getting more involved has never been easier.

There are two main ways in which you can become more active, and for both you will receive training and support.

The PCS Advocate

An Advocate is a union member who is willing to speak to colleagues about PCS, ask non-members to join and generally create a vibrant, pro-union workplace.

Advocates do not need to take on any personal cases and do not need to take part in negotiations or meetings with management. It is instead about doing small tasks that help build the visibility of PCS.

New Advocates will meet with a local PCS representative for a short induction to help you find out more about what your local branch is doing locally, and how you can help out.

Sign up to become an Advocate.

The PCS Representative

Reps are the backbone of any PCS branch. As well as doing the basic tasks of recruiting new members and promoting PCS, reps also represent members, meet with managers and are responsible for the day to day running of PCS campaigns in your workplace.

While there is more responsibility, there is a comprehensive programme of training available. All new reps should take the 6-day PCS Workplace Reps course. And there are also specific courses for Health and Safety reps, Learning Reps, and shorter courses on a wide range of equality, organising and campaigning subjects.

To find out more, and sign up for a training course, contact one of your local PCS reps or visit our courses page.

Find out who your local rep is on PCS Digital.

For any more information or help, please email