Our associate and retired members' association (ARMs) offers a voice, services and information for members of the union who have retired, been made redundant or moved on to roles outside of the civil service and related areas where PCS doesn't operate. 

The ARMs network has a strong link to charities, local trades councils, regional TUC pensioners' networks, and campaign groups. We are affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention where we work with other organisations on matters of common interest. We also subscribe to charities such as Age UK.

Each region and nation has its own ARMs network, holding regular meetings and events. For more details about how to get involved, please email assistant.secretary@arms-pcs.org.uk

Transferring to ARMs 

Any PCS member who leaves employment due to retirement, redundancy or resignation can transfer to ARMs. If you already pay your subscriptions by direct debit you don't need to fill in another direct debit form.

You can transfer to ARMs by emailing membership@pcs.org.uk. Give your name and PCS membership number or national insurance number, the date you are leaving employment and ask to transfer to ARMs. If you don’t already pay your union subs by direct debit, you will need to provide your bank details. Subscription for ARMs members is £2.24 a month from 1 January 2024. 

If your PCS membership stopped and you did not transfer immediately to ARMs, you can still request to join ARMs by emailing membership at the address above, although you may be asked to complete an application form.

ARMs members have access to most of the same benefits as a working member of PCS, however they do not receive any in work benefits or death in service benefits.

Latest news

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