Disabled members

PCS disabled members live with visible and hidden impairments. We provide training for our reps on disability awareness, neurodiversity and mental health so that they can support you in the workplace.

The national disabled members' forum (NDMF) is a national executive committee (NEC) sub-committee. Each group, national branch, regional and national disability network is entitled to send a representative to the NDMF. The NDMF chair is PCS national vice president Hannah David. The secretary is Caroline Brown, PCS equality officer, contactable at equality@pcs.org.uk.

You can get involved by joining your regional or national disabled members' network, wherever you work across the civil service and related areas. The networks meet to discuss and address the challenges and barriers faced by disabled people and to share success stories and best practice. You don't have to be nominated to get involved. 
Email equality@pcs.org.uk for more details.

If you need help at work with an issue relating to your disability, contact your local rep. You can find their details by logging into PCS Digital.