Black members

We are committed to campaigning against racism within all our workplaces across the civil service and related areas and in the wider community. We are affiliated to many anti-racist organisations and have an active Black members' committee. 

The national black members' committee (NBMC) advises the national executive committee (NEC) on campaigns and issues relating to Black members in PCS and wider society.  The committee is a safe space for members to raise and discuss Black* issues, then to communicate them to other members. 

The current chair of the NBMC is Mohammed Shafiq, vice chair is Tracey Hylton and the secretary is Laure Djida, PCS equality officer. Contact for more information.

Get involved

Each region and nation has its own Black members' network, which then sends regional representatives to the national committee. If you wish to join your regional/national Black members' network please contact

We have a racial incident helpline (020 7801 2678) for reporting any type of racist incident at work. Please note that this helpline is staffed during regular office hours (9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding bank holidays)

*Black: In PCS “Black” is used in the political context to apply to people who are Asian, Chinese, African, African/Caribbean, Arabic etc. i.e. people from African and Asian Diaspora, including people of dual heritage.