PCS in parliament

The PCS Parliamentary Group brings our priorities and issues from across the civil service to the attention of MPs on a regular, coordinated basis.

The group, which currently meets online every 2-3 months is cross-party and chaired by MP Chris Stephens. 

Briefings and meetings with individual MPs or smaller groups also take place on a weekly basis relating to industrial campaigns from across the union.

The agenda of the parliamentary group is set by PCS and the group is professionally supported with a daily programme of campaigning work carried out by Solidarity Consulting in liaison with the parliamentary team at PCS Head Office.

Since its inception the group has established a formidable reputation in Westminster, and has held meetings with government at all levels, distributing detailed briefings and taking forward our issues using every parliamentary mechanism. Group membership is currently 100 MPs and 10 peers.

Email campaigns@pcs.org.uk for more information, but please contact the full-time officer for your group first.