Fighting racism and fascism

We should all play our part in defeating racism and fascism and all members across the civil service and related areas need to work together to ensure that we play our part in the movement against far-right extremism.

PCS operates a 24-hour racial incidents helpline. This is for PCS members only, to report incidents involving racism at work. 

  • Have you experienced a racial incident at work?
  • Do you feel unable to contact your local union representative?

Call the 24 hour racial incident helpline: 020 7801 2678.

Our promise: 

  • All messages left are strictly confidential.
  • An officer of the union will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the incident in detail.

The helpline gives support to members who feel they’ve been the victim of any type of racist incident at work.

PCS activists are encouraged to sign up for a one-day workshop Racism and intolerance: changing attitudes in the workplace, which is available through the PCS Academy.

As part of our anti-racism and anti-fascism strategy where reps believe racist/fascist behaviour and actions are occurring in the workplace, such issues should be raised with management at the appropriate level.

Each workplace represented by PCS, whether in the core civil service or in the commercial sector should have an appropriate departmental or employer code. This should include equality provision with discrimination and harassment policies derived from the civil service code of conduct.