Young members

Young members make a difference in the workplace by campaigning on the issues that affect them directly, such as job security and training, apprenticeships and workplace rights.

If you are aged 27 or under you can join the PCS young members' network.

The young members' network is the voice of young workers in PCS, wherever they are employed in the civil service and related areas. The work of the young members' network is co-ordinated and supported by the national young members' committee (NYMC).

Elected yearly, the NYMC is made up of ten regional convenors and four officers (chair, vice chair, equalities officer and secretary).  Each region or nation also has its own committee which you can join. You don't need to be nominated.

You can join us and help to organise campaigning or social events.

As a young member you also have the power to act against inequality or discrimination in the workplace and improve conditions for everyone.

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