A message from our general secretary

PCS General Secretary Fran Heathcote explains how PCS membership will support you in your workplace and the importance of getting involved in the union.

Welcome to PCS. PCS is the biggest public service union that represents members working for the government, whether they are in civil service departments or whether they're employed by a private company that delivers government services. 

It's really important to be in a trade union, whether that's for your individual protection or your collective strength. Being in a union is all about standing up for ourselves and standing up for each other. So whether you have concerns about your pay, your pension, your terms and conditions, whether it's something that's individual to you or something that affects everybody you work with, the more people that are in the union, the stronger the union is.

We'll look after you in the workplace. We'll look after your terms and conditions, your interests at work,. If you have concerns about equality, about diversity, about work-life balance, it's PCS that will help you with all of that and take up issues on your behalf.

Wherever you work, whether you're based at home or in a small or a large workplace, we're here for you. We have a large network of PCS reps so there will always be somebody you can speak to for help and advice.

We're also the leading union embracing digital technology. The way we work reflects the world of work post-pandemic. 

PCS is only as strong as its membership. We want to listen to you and hear what you have to say. We want to make sure that you're involved in all the decision-making that takes place in PCS so the leadership of the union can make sure it reaches the right decisions.

Please play an active part in your union.