Legal advice

There is a whole range of reasons you could find yourself needing legal advice at work.

From unfair dismissal to discrimination, the first port of call for PCS members should always be your local rep. You can find their details by logging into PCS Digital.

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PCS is committed to fighting discrimination in your workplace, society and community.
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Unfair dismissal

Find out your rights if you think you have been unfairly dismissed.
Trade union rights image

Trade union rights

Every worker has the right to join a trade union.
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Bullying and harassment

All workers have the right to dignity and respect at work.
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Grievances and disciplinaries

Find out how to get help and support from PCS.
Personal cases image

Personal cases

Find out what happens when you raise a problem with your rep.
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Personal legal advice

PCS members can access legal advice on non work-related issues.
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Pay queries

PCS can help with a wide range of issues regarding your pay and financial benefits.