PCS is proud to campaign for human rights and against inequality and injustice around the world.

What happens in the rest of the world can have a direct impact on us all; the war in Ukraine is a prime example. Climate change does not respect international borders and also, human rights are for all, and should not depend on what country you live in.

The trade union movement is international. Struggles in the rest of the world are not foreign or too far away from us to care. PCS has built up relationships with sister trade unions around the globe and through European and global trade union federations, to promote and protect our members' interests and concerns. We work collaboratively with a range of civil society organisations through affiliations and other trade unions on leading campaigns. 

The union's broader international solidarity – in line with conference policy - embraces support for and in defence of trade union, labour and more general human rights across a number of countries and regions, including Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa and Southern Africa.

This work is overseen by the international committee, a sub-committee of the national executive committee. The committee meets once a month to discuss how we can work with the affiliated campaigns and with other unions in Europe, as well as looking at specific or topical international issues. 

Safe passage

PCS has launched a new pamphlet titled “Safe Passage Now: The way to stop the boats and save lives”. Read the full text of the pamphlet including FAQs.

Action for Southern Africa campaigns for rights, equality and justice across Southern Africa.

Amnesty International campaigns against injustice and inequality everywhere.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign campaigns in the UK against the US blockade and for the Cuban people's right to self-determination.

Global Justice Now is a democratic social justice organisation to create a more just and equal world.

No Sweat is a campaign that builds solidarity with sweatshop workers around the world.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace, equality, and justice and against racism, occupation, and colonisation.

Stop the War opposes the squandering of public resources on militarism.

Trade Justice Movement calls for trade rules that work for people and planet.

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign seeks to organise solidarity and provide information in support of the Ukrainian labour movement.

War on Want fights the causes of poverty and defends human rights.