Order strike ballot 2024 campaign materials

With our UK civil service ballot underway we need all members and reps to vote and we have a range of materials to order to inform members and help spread the word about the national campaign.

PCS issued pay demands to employers on 19 February for 2024/25 with a deadline of 5 March. Unfortunately, no response was received and now the NEC has decided to proceed with a ballot for strike action.

The ballot covers more than 150,000 PCS members at 171 employers covering most of the civil service and related areas.  Look at the full list of employers included in the ballot.

It’s easy to view the materials you need. Simply click on the reference number to preview the materials, then download and share.

To order hard copies email organising@pcs.org.uk quoting the reference number, amount required along with your branch name and code, contact details and the delivery address. 

This page will be updated when new material is created.

Ref       Format        Language     Title
2921     A5 leaflet     English           National campaign strike ballot vote yes
2922     A5 leaflet     Welsh             National campaign strike ballot vote yes
2916     A5 leaflet     English           DWP group vote yes
2915     A5 leaflet     English           HMRC group vote yes
2917     A5 leaflet     English           Home Office group vote yes.